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Creating A Logo Clock
About Clocklink Ad-links
The reason Clocklink is free is because Clocklink itself gains revenue through advertisements. When hovering the mouse over a Clocklink clock, a logo for Clocklink, or for an ad sponsor, appears over the clock. By clicking, the link takes the viewer to a Clocklink, or a sponsor's website. This is the system by which Clocklink provides ad-link services, so please note that it is impossible to remove this advertisement through personal requests.

However, if the user becomes an ad owner or a sponsor, he or she will be able to change the image that appears when hovering, and also to change the link it jumps to when clicked. For example, a clock can be changed to a design with a certain company's name displayed, and when the mouse hovers over, display the company logo, and jump to the company web site when it is clicked. This service can be made a part of your business, by following these simple steps:

1. Subscribe for a logo clock and advertisement
2. Forward the logo to Clocklink, and provide the URL for the link you wish to jump to
3. Pay for the fixed logo clock fee and the advertisement fee
4. The logo clock is finished and delivered. A password is created specifically for that clock's administration page
5. The clock is now ready to be freely distributed
The standard logo clock creation fee is $100. The display logo and the jumping to other URL's is an additional fee of $500 per year. The number of clocks to distribute, and the click-through numbers are all set as a separate advertisement fee.

The clocks created can be posted on the user's personal web sites, but the ultimate purpose of this free clock service is to spread the advertisement around the world. To speed up this process, Clocklink will upload each clock onto its website gallery at no extra charge. However, posting the clock outside of the gallery into a more significant location will incur an additional cost.

Feel free to take this opportunity to create a personalized clock for your own business. Get started today by contacting us at 800-232-3989 or by email at
Custom Clocks
How To Get More People To Use My Business' Clock
Advertise With Us - Get A Logo Or CustoM Clock Creating logo clocks is a great way to promote your business, but to really grab your users attention, we suggest making a Custom Clock. This service allows you to specify the image of the clock you want for your company. With this service, Clocklink will create an entirely new design from scratch to match your request. A unique clock will grab the attention of customers, and they may be more likely to post these clocks on their web pages. If more clocks are used, there will be more access to your company’s website.

The cost for Custom Clocks varies greatly depending on how complex the design is, so it is hard to determine a standard price. On average, the design/creation fee starts at around $500, and an additional $500 will be added on yearly for an advertisement fee.

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